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[VA-2] is a fictitious name. AT&T Corporate Security has requested that the names and exact locations of active AT&T network facilities not be published. Accordingly, such facilities are identified on this web site by fictitious names, shown in [brackets].


The principal structure at [VA-2] is a two-level underground building, hardened against the effects of nuclear blasts.


[VA-2] opened around 1968 as a main station on the Boston-Miami coaxial-cable route. It housed the AUTOVON-FTS Operations Center, which managed two important voice-communications networks serving the federal government: the Department of Defense's Automatic Voice Network (AUTOVON) and the General Services Administration's Federal Telecommunications System (FTS).

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Entrance building, looking north from main parking lot
Sep. 17, 2000

Emergency-exit building and tower foundation, looking east from main parking lot
Sep. 17, 2000

AUTOVON-FTS Network Management Center
Courtesy of Tom Ellis

Ribbon-cutting ceremony with Machine Analysis Display board in background
Courtesy of Tom Ellis

Alert and Alarm board
Courtesy of Tom Ellis

Close-up of Inter-Machine Analysis Display
Courtesy of Tom Ellis

Close-up of Machine Analysis Display
Courtesy of Tom Ellis

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