Springfield, OH


Springfield is an example of the concrete "silo" towers used in the early years of AT&T's microwave network, before the steel-lattice tower became the standard. An unusual feature of the Springfield tower is the fin-like concrete buttresses at the base of the structure.

Springfield was built around 1950 as a relay station between Dayton and Catawba, OH. This link was part of a route between Columbus and Dayton, as shown on a broadband route map from 1950.

More historical information on the Columbus-Dayton route may be found on the Catawba page.

A January 1970 route map shows Springfield having four microwave paths to Ohio stations as follow: east-northeast to Catawba, north-northeast to Urbana, southwest to Sulphur Grove and southwest to Dayton.


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Nov. 2004, courtesy of Tom Maher

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