Plymouth Junction, MI

Common Language Location Identifier (CLLI): PLMOMIQ0010

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Plymouth Junction's principal structures are a 301 ft. (92 M) self-supporting steel tower and a concrete equipment building.

Historical Role

Plymouth Junction was a microwave junction station having both Michigan Bell Telephone and AT&T facilities.

March 1998 FCC records show the station having Michigan Bell microwave routes to Ann Arbor, Detroit, Southfield, and Sumpter. A January 1970 AT&T route map shows Long Lines routes to Milford, Sumpter, and Detroit.

Plymouth Junction remained in service until recently for Michigan Bell's successor, Ameritech, providing microwave links between Southfield and Ann Arbor. The station's last working microwave radio was turned down in July, 2002.

Present Function

AT&T sold Plymouth Junction to American Tower Corporation, which offers space on the tower and in the building for lease to wireless communications providers. American Tower has produced a Site Brochure describing the property.


Photographed in March 2002 by Tim Tyler
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