Dixon, IL

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Dixon's physical facilities consist of a self-supporting steel-lattice tower and an equipment building.


Thanks to Terry Michaels for contributing this information.

Dixon was an auxiliary (relay) station on a four-hop microwave link (view additional details) from the Lee, IL main station to the Hanover, IL earth station (Hanover C.S.). From Lee, the hops to Dixon, Chadwick and Elizabeth used 4 GHz TD-3D equipment.

The link was brought on line around 1974, and retired in 1986. According to neighbors the 2 horn antennas aimed at Dixon on the 240 foot tower at Lee were removed by helicopter shortly thereafter. AT&T sold the towers and land at Dixon, Chadwick and Elizabeth in 1988. The earth station and the 11 GHz link tower were dismantled around 1994.


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