Hanover CS, IL

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Thanks to Terry Michaels for contributing this information.

Hanover CS was an earth station with two large parabolic satellite downlink antennas, and was built about mile to the south of the Hanover R station, down in a ravine. The steep walls of the ravine provided a natural barrier to interfering signals from other 4 GHz microwave stations in the general area. A 22-tube L-type coaxial cable brought the IF inputs and outputs from the 11 GHz equipment at the Hanover R tower to the earth station's receivers and transmitters through a 100A switch.

For additional information, see the Hanover CS, IL - Lee, IL route description.

The link was brought on line around 1974, and retired in 1986. The earth station and the 11 GHz link tower at Hanover R were dismantled around 1994.

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