Bald Hill, CT

Bald Hill was one of seven relay stations on AT&T's first intercity microwave radio route, opened in 1947 between Boston and New York City. It linked similar stations on John Tom Hill near Glastonbury, Connecticut and Asnebumskit Mountain near Paxton, Massachusetts.

The station's appearance has been significantly altered by the replacement of the original delay-lens antennas with high-performance parabolics, as well as the addition of an enclosed exterior stairway and vinyl siding.

Bald Hill is no longer part of AT&T's long-distance network. FCC records show a license for 38 GHz microwave service at the site was issued to Biztel, Inc. (c/o AT&T Corp.), under callsign WPJA897, on Nov. 29, 2001.


Photos taken August 9, 2002 by Paxton Heckman, except as noted.
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by Albert LaFrance
August 8, 2000

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