Arkabutla, MS

Information and image courtesy of Wayne Weishan

The plan is probably tentative - it shows TD3 line-ups sufficient for seven converging routes, but AT&T Map 8 only shows 5. Some of the open space was probably used for 6GHz TH, TH3, or AR6A radio. Map 8 doesn't show L-Coax to the site but there may have been LMX entrance links to the route between Sardis and Memphis. The Arkabutla and Alexander buildings appear identical. The BSTJ says that the Alexander-Arkabutla TD3 field trial was part of a new route between Warrior, Ala and Noble, and also shows a floor plan of a conventional repeater site with separate bldg and tower. The plan is probably representative of the sites between Arkabutla-Warrior, and Alexander-Noble, which used M-series towers.

From the Bell System Technical Journal, September 1968

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