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Omps is a large double tower station with both KS-5759 and circular horns. It is located in Virginia, but is within West Virgina's Cacapon State Park. It sits in a wide spot on an otherwise narrow ridgeline.

Omps had shots to the Hagerstown 2 and Leesburg 5 Project Offices, and Mt. Weather aka Berryville #2/Washington 4. It also had links to Lebanon Church, Clear Springs, Linden, and Frostberg.

While a sign declares it is still an active AT&T microwave site, it is very quiet within the building. One or two of the horns may still be pressurized; others clearly are not.


Omps was built in the late 1950's & fed Mt. Weather. The 2nd tower and building expansion were added later when links to the Project Offices were needed.


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Gate sign two towers A lot of iron

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