Wyndmoor, PA

Common Language Location Identifier (CLLI): WYNDPAQ0010

Address: 8006 Southampton Ave., Wyndmoor, PA (about 9 miles north of downtown Philadelphia)

The first station at Wyndmoor was a cylindrical "silo" structure similar to the tower still standing at Buckingham, PA. It was replaced by a one-story building (which has been expanded) with an attic, and the present steel-lattice tower.

Wyndmoor's original function was as a relay station on AT&T's first transcontinental microwave route, carrying television programming between Buckingham and Thomas Hill, PA. A radio-route map dated October 1, 1966 shows Wyndmoor having combined TV-telephone routes to Buckingham and Thomas Hill, a TV-only route to Topton Mountain, PA, a planned telephone-only route to Finland, PA, and a TV route with planned telephone service to Philadelphia. A January 1970 cable and radio map shows all of the preceding routes, plus a coaxial-cable link to Philadelphia. A December 1988 cable and radio map also shows those radio routes, but indicates no cable links.

Wyndmoor is no longer in service as an AT&T communications station, and the tower's horn-reflector antennas have been removed. The facility is owned by American Tower Corporation, which leases space at the site to wireless communications service providers and has produced an online Site Brochure describing the property.


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