Unionville, PA

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Mike Jacobs's Unionville page - includes recent photos.

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Unionville consists of a self-supporting steel tower and a flat-roofed concrete equipment building. The tower holds two pairs of Western Electric KS-15676 horn reflector antennas, and a parabolic antenna.

Historical Role

Unionville linked the stations at Swissdale (to the northeast) and Dean (to the southwest) via its horn-reflector antennas. The station was probably a repeater (an auxiliary station), and a junction for traffic to and from State College. One of the two parabolic antennas shown in the 1966 photos delivered television programming to station WPSX-TV at Penn State University in the town of State College, about 11 mi. to the southeast. The other "dish" likely provided long-distance service to the town's Bell of Pennsylvania central office.

Route Map: January 1970

Present Function

AT&T sold Unionville to American Tower Corporation, which leases space on the tower to wireless communications providers. American Tower has posted a site brochure, including recent photos, describing the Unionville site and facilities.


Photographed November 4, 1966 by Russell K. Curtis, Altoona, PA
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For recent photos, see Mike Jacobs's Unionville page.

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