Sublette, IL

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Sublette consists of a concrete building approximately square in plan, housing radio equipment and supporting microwave antennas. This "silo" design is typical of AT&T's early microwave stations, and was superseded by the familiar steel-lattice tower at stations constructed later.


Sublette was built as a relay station on the Chicago to San Francisco segment of AT&T's first transcontinental microwave route. That segment was placed in service on August 17, 1951.

Like all of the stations on the first transcontinental route, Sublette was equipped originally with delay-lens antennas, linking the station with Lee, IL to the east, and Tampico, IL to the west.

The steel rooftop platform was added when the delay-lens antennas were replaced by the more-versatile horn-reflector antennas. In the middle image in the first row of photos below, the horn-reflector at the top center (facing Tampico) has been modified to reduce the side lobes of the antenna's radiation pattern. This modification consists of vertical "blinders" on both sides of the antenna's aperture, and the "diving board" extension below the aperture.

The side "balcony" platform with an additional antenna (a conical horn-reflector) pointing toward Tampico apparently was added in 1974. There is no additional antenna on the side of the tower facing Lee.


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Above images courtesy of John Aegerter
(photographed after sale by AT&T)
Above images courtesy of Terry Michaels.
(photographed in 1995, during AT&T ownership)

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