AT&T Microwave Station


Site Data

Address: Rt. 49, Quinton (Salem County), New Jersey

Latitude: N39-31-49.3 (39.53038)

Longitude: W75-22-51.6 (-75.38102)

Elevation: unknown


Quinton's facilities consist of a concrete building (probably 2 PSI construction) and a 350-ft. self-supporting tower.


Quinton was a junction station on the AT&T Long Lines microwave radio network. A 1970 Long Lines route maps shows it having radio paths to:

Wilmington, DE
Glasgow, DE
Blackiston, DE - this path was part of a route from Quinton to Faulkner, MD
Carmel, NJ
Philadelphia, PA

Present Function

No AT&T microwave paths have active at Quinton since at least August 1992. The facility is owned by American Tower Corporation, which leases space on the tower to customers wishing to install wireless, cellular, and other radio services. American Tower has produced an online brochure describing the site's features.

Microwave Path Map

Under construction

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Tower with horn reflector antennas

Rear of building,
parking lot

Equipment room

Chillers for
air conditioning

Power switchboard

Diesel engine-alternator
for emergency power

Other side of

Corner of building
showing air grilles

Rear of building,
base of tower

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