Organ, NM


Adapted from text contributed by Wayne Weishan

The AT&T Long Lines Organ, NM microwave auxiliary (repeater) station is located on the west side of San Augustin Pass. To reach the station, take I25 exit 6 to US 70E. The access road is directly off US70 (eastbound only) as you approach the pass.

The station is located below the pass to block reflections on the Organ - Orgrande path.

The KS-15676 horn-reflector antennas on the left in the photo are aimed at Fairacres, NM, and those on the right point toward Orgrande, NM.

Note the tower on the ridgeline in the background. This is Organ Junction, located less than a mile northeast of Organ on the north side of US 70


Courtesy of
Wayne Weishan

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