Oracle, AZ


Thanks to Wayne Weishan for his contributions to this section.

This former microwave radio junction station is located in the Oracle hills north of Tucson, AZ. Its principal structures are a 300-foot type H tower, and a concrete equipment building.

Oracle was a microwave radio junction station. A 1979 Long Lines route map shows the station having routes going southwest to Marana, south to Tucson, north-northwest to Kelvin, and south-southeast to Mount Lemmon. One of Oracle's functions was as a repeater between Tucson and Kelvin. Kelvin was located on the long link between Fairacres, NM (just west of Las Cruces), and Apache Jct., AZ a few miles east of Phoenix.

As AT&T converted its network to fiber optics, Oracle became obsolete and was decomissioned. The station is now owned by American Tower Corporation, which offers space on the tower for lease to cellular telephone carriers and other wireless communications providers. American Tower has created an online site brochure with a description of the facility, and photographs.

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