AT&T Long Lines
New York and New England Towers (1982)


This document is a list of microwave antenna structures owned by the AT&T Long Lines Department as of Dec. 1, 1982 in the states of Connecticut, Massachusetts, Maine, New Hampshire, New Jersey, New York, Rhode Island, and Vermont. The sites are divided into two groups, according to whether the structures are required to have aviation-obstruction markings. This determination is based on height. Within each group, the tower sites are listed alphabetically by city or place name, without regard to state. This list was found in a binder of diverse documents related to AT&T microwave radio systems. The list was preceded in the binder by a memorandum concerning tower inspections. It is not known if the list is complete.

Abbreviations and Special Terms


Tower Type

Condition, antenna

MAMECO, IRATHANE, and Dow Corning Silicon [sic] are manufacturers of sealants, which were used on the horn-reflector antennas to prevent entry of water and escape of pressurizing air.

Towers Requiring Obstruction Marking

Towers Without Obstruction Marking

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