AT&T Microwave and Cable Station

Lionville, PA

Site Data

Address: On Valley Hill Rd., about 2.7 mi. E of Lionville, PA

Latitude: N40-03-03 (40.0508)

Longitude: W75-36-36 (-75.6100)

Elevation: 689 ft.

FCC License Data

Callsign KGH83, canceled.

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Lionville was an important microwave junction with L-carrier (coaxial-cable) facilities. It is reported to have been AT&T's largest radio site east of the Missisippi. The building, approximately 70,000 square feet, was hardened against nuclear blasts and included a dual-filtered ventilation system, a decontamination chamber, and other protective features. Lionville's steel lattice tower stands 215 feet tall.

A radio connection diagram (428 KB), shows some of Lionville's microwave radio channels.

Present Function

Lionville is no longer part of the AT&T network. It is owned by American Tower Corporation, which leases space on the tower to wireless-communication tenants.


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