Linden, VA

Common Language Location Identifier (CLLI): unknown

Site Data

Latitude: N38-57-20 (38.9556)

Longitude: W78-01-32 (-78.0256)

Elevation: 2155 ft.

FCC License Data

Callsign KIW83.


Sharing the top of Blue Mountain with several other radio communications facilities, Linden consists of a 158 ft. self-supporting steel tower and a concrete-block building. The tower holds two pairs of KS horns.

Present Function

Linden is a relay station, linking Aldie, VA and Middletown, VA.

Linden was sold by AT&T to American Tower Corporation, which offers space on the tower for cellular and other wireless communications services. American Tower has created on online site brochure which includes photos of the facility.


From at least January 1970 through December 1988, Linden served as a relay station Omps (Whitacre, VA) and Warrenton 2, VA. The change in destinations was probably associated with AT&T's acquisition of the Middletown, VA facility from Western Union in 1991.

Path Maps

March 1998

January 1970 - December 1988

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