Kelso Peak, CA

Information courtesy of Wayne Weishan

Kelso Peak was a route-crossing microwave auxiliary (repeater) station, providing radio service in the 4-, 6-, and 11-GHz. bands. On the station's 50-foot type A2 steel-lattice tower, the lower-deck antenna pair (facing away from the camera) hops north to Turquoise, 24 miles to the north, and the upper-lower pair (pointing to the right) hop northeast to Cima and extended to Scipio, UT.

The upper-deck pair facing the camera hop south to Granite Pass, CA on a route that extended to Ranger, CA, and the leftward pair hop SW to Hector (access road in very bad shape) and on to Los Angeles.

Kelso Peak has been turned down and the outdoor copper waveguides have been stripped. But the tower also currently supports several PCS-type antennas, and so lives on.


Courtesy of Wayne Weishan
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Showing the Turquoise station in the distance

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