Julesburg, CO


Julesburg was built as an auxiliary (repeater) station on AT&T's first transcontinental microwave radio route, which went into service in 1951. The station linked Ogallala, NE to the east-northeast and Peetz, CO to the west.

Julesburg's steel-lattice tower originally held KS-5759 delay-lens antennas. These were replaced by KS-15676 horn-reflectors.

A 1979 route map shows Julesburg still having its original microwave links, with no additional paths.

Information contributed by Blake Bowers:
Julesburg was purchased from AT&T by Frosty Towers Inc, then sold locally, it is in private hands today. The tower had been removed, and locals say the metal was scrapped, and pointed out many different places it was used, from diversion channels in the river, to a very heavily built trailer.


Photographed on September 11, 2004 by Blake Bowers
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