Hanover R, IL

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Thanks to Terry Michaels for contributing this information.

Hanover R was an interface between the Hanover CS satellite earth station and a microwave route terminating at the Lee, IL main station. The microwave hop between Hanover R and Elizabeth used TN-1 radios at 11 GHz, this was done to prevent interference with the low-level 4 GHz (C band) signal coming down from the satellite. At Hanover R the 11 GHz signal was received at a short tower on the top of a ridge right alongside the entrance drive. A 22-tube L-type coaxial cable brought the IF inputs and outputs from the 11 GHz equipment at the Hanover R tower to the earth station's receivers and transmitters through a 100A switch.

For additional information, see the Hanover CS, IL - Lee, IL route description.

The link was brought on line around 1974, and retired in 1986. The earth station and the 11 GHz link tower at Hanover R were dismantled around 1994.

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