Hamilton, VA

Common Language Location Identifier (CLLI): LSBGVALB [?]

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Hamilton occupies a cleared lot in a heavily-wooded rural area. The station's major structures consist of a 170-ft. "A-style" tower and a white, gable-roofed concrete-block building. The station has no broadband cable connections, only an aerial copper-pair telephone cable.

As of June 27, 1999, the tower's complement of microwave antennas consisted of three pairs of Western Electric KS-15676 horn-reflector antennas and a single antenna of the same type.

Historical Role

Hamilton was a microwave junction. One of its functions was probably to provide an interface between C&P Telephone's Leesburg, VA central office and the AT&T Long Lines network.

The single horn antenna was probably the link to the Leesburg central office; it's oriented in the approximate direction of that facility, and single horns combining transmit and receive functions were typically used on shorter, lower-capacity routes.

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Present Function

Hamilton is owned by American Tower Corporation, which offers tower and building space for lease to cellular telephone providers and other wireless communications companies. American Tower's Site Brochure provides additional data about the facility, including interior and exterior photos and a site drawing.

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