Ennis, TX

Information courtesy of Brad Cobo

Ennis was a switching center on the AUTOVON military telephone network, a base station on the Echo-Fox presidential aircraft radio system, a main station on an L-carrier coaxial cable route, and a microwave junction station on a route that ran from Terrel to Seguin, and beyond to Mexico.

Ennis was also an OSPS operator site, housing long-distance operators. That function was shut down around 2003.

A schematic dated 11-14-74 shows an L-3 Dallas-Houston coaxial cable route passing through this station. A later "Spring Maintenance Area" document shows this as an L-5 route.

Ennis is located on the I-45 northbound service road and clearly visible the from freeway. The site is entered from the south. In addition to the steel-lattice tower and the large concrete main building, the site also has a multi-door garage-type building and one additional smaller building, indicating an underground entrance. The site looks like it is not visited on a daily basis but is well-secured with multiple CCTV cameras.


Photographed on January 25, 2005 by Brad Cobo
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