AT&T Microwave Station

Clarksville, MD

Site Data

Address: on Highland Rd., 0.2 mi. south of Ten Oaks Rd., about 2 mi. northwest of Clarksville (Howard County), Maryland

Latitude: N39-13-09 (39.21917)

Longitude: W76-58-29 (-76.97472)

Elevation: unknown

FCC License Data

Callsign KGO32, canceled.


Clarksville's physical facilities consist of a Bell System "A-style" tower supporting three pairs of KS horn antennas, and a windowless, one-story, poured-concrete equipment building. The building appears to have been designed for some degree of blast resistance, but does not have features like blast doors. The station's only telephone cable connection is a small-diameter (1/2" - 3/4") aerial cable.

Clarksville had microwave radio routes to Monrovia, Randallstown, and Silver Spring, MD.

History and Cold War Role

Unknown. Because of its connection to Monrovia - a hardened station on the east-coast coaxial cable (L-carrier system) - it is likely that Clarksville helped link the Washington-Baltimore area's telephone system to the cable. In that role, it probably would have carried a significant amount of national-security traffic.

Present Function

Clarksville is no longer operational as a microwave station. It serves as a cellular telephone cell site for AT&T Wireless Services.

Microwave Route Map

Monrovia Randallstown Silver Spring

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