Chicago No. 2, IL

Text and photos courtesy of Terry Michaels

This was a main station site on the first transcontinental microwave route, and is located at the corner of Congress Parkway and Clark Street in downtown Chicago. This is a 105' steel tower on the roof of a switching center, total height 267 feet AGL.

The site is referred to as Chicago #2 on AT&T microwave route maps. The tower originally had delay lens antennas aimed at Chicago Heights, IL on the eastward going end of the route, and Cloverdale, IL on the westward going end. Additional routes to Lemont and Tinley Park were added later. The delay lens antennas were eventually replaced with horn antennas.

The horn antennas on the top platform are aimed at Cloverdale, the horn antenna on the next level down is aimed at Lemont, the next level has horn antennas aimed at Lemont and Chicago Heights, the lowest level has an Andrew SHX10A antenna aimed at Chicago Heights.

The shorter tower to the west holds the antennas aimed at Tinley Park. The Lemont tower was destroyed by a tornado sometime in the early '90s.


Photos taken 1994.
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