Borger, TX

Information courtesy of Wayne Weishan

Borger was built as an auxiliary (repeater) station on a TD-2 (4 GHz band) microwave radio route. It was expanded to provide service in the 6 GHz band as a repeater station in the field trial of the Western Electric TH-3 radio system.

Borger's principal structures are an 87.5 foot type H-SP steel-lattice tower and a cinderblock building with not one, but two additions.

The original building has a single 1x6 waveguide hatchplate, indicating that the TD-2 route began with channels 1-6 only. The first addition also has a single 1x6 hatchplate, probably built for the TD-2 interstitial channels (7-12). The second addition has a single 4x4 hatchplate with WR159 waveguide stubs sticking out, and is probably the TH-3 add-on.

The tower's two outrigger platforms were probably added for the TH-3 overbuild, the lower portion of the tower being reinforced with wing-angles and angle braces. This is a clue to the need for a new TH-3 building and tower; the TH-3 field trial was bypassed around Amarillo Junction to the northwest, probably to have a "clean" field trial avoiding 6-GHz interference at Amarillo.

The site is located beside SR 136 about halfway to Borger from Amarillo


Courtesy of Wayne Weishan
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View is from the south-southeast shortly after sunrise.

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