AT&T National Network Operations Center

Bedminster, NJ


900 Rt. 202-206 N
Bedminster, NJ 07921

Bedminster in the Past

Around 1977, AT&T established a National Network Operations Center in Bedminster, NJ.

From Engineering and Operations in the Bell System (1983 edition, p. 595):

"A Network Management Center may be local, regional, or national. The local Network Management Center has responsibility for up to forty-eight switching offices and is supported by the Engineering and Administrative Data Acquisition System/Network Management (EADAS/NM). There are eight regional Network Management Centers in the United States. Each is responsible for a specified large geographic area encompassing the control jurisdictions of several local centers and is also supported by EADAS/NM. The national Network Operations Center, located in Bedminster, New Jersey, is supported by the Network Operations Center System and is responsible for inter-regional network management controls."

Advertisement showing the national Network Operations Center at Bedminster

Description of a network status display board
From Engineering and Operations in the Bell System (1983 edition, p. 596)

Bedminster Today

The Global Network Operations Center (GNOC), opened in 1999, continues Bedminster's role as the nerve center of AT&T's telecommunications network into the 21st century. AT&T no longer maintains a web page for the facility, but an archived copy from 2004 can be viewed here, and AT&T still provides an interior image.

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